Saturday, September 4, 2010

Disposed Wong Bok growing in compost

Wong Bok (白菜) planted in end summer and autumn this year in our place has all bolted. None of them produce compact heads. We just pulled them out from where they were growing to make some space for spring planting later.Then temporarily put them in polystyrene boxes for composting later. To our surprise those disposed wong boks are very determined to produced flower for reproduction purposes after being dumped.


Happily growing without any soil after being dumped in the polystyrene box. Can it be that moistures from amidst layers of dead leaves sustaining the wong bok .The reason it is able to be still growing and producing flowers.

DSC08564 We need a new strategy to grow Wong Bok. We will have a go with wong bok again this spring.


One said...

You seem to have a healthy garden with Zinnias growing in Winter and vegetable plant flowering from a compost pile. Actually, I also see plants growing out of my compost pile; sometimes from unwanted plants, sometimes from seed. These neglected ones often appear healthier than the ones I water daily.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Its a wonder the neglected one are always thriving than the one we pampered. Could be nice if we can choose what pops up from the compost.

Sue Catmint said...

some plants are so strong and healthy they seem to grow even without soil. i don't pamper any plants - they have to be strong survivors.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Come summer all the plants has to be strong surviver facing the heatwave and water restriction. We only use recycle water from kitchen, laundry and bathroom. Water is so precious here in Adelaide.