Saturday, September 25, 2010

A patch with cineraria as border

 We have an empty patch with cineraria as a natural border at both sides that has been prepared with horse manure and gypsum. It use to be heavy clay soil. We added gypsum and organic matter into the soil so it retain more moisture and good air circulation for the beneficial creature in the soil. This is the result after a year of working on this patch to make it more fertile.
In autumn/winter 2010 we planted broccoli  and cabbage in this patch.
So for spring/summer 2010 with our available seedling stocks that we have now, we plan to grow in this patch:
  1. Cardamon
  2. Carrot
  3. Nastartium
  4. Cabbage ‘Red Choi’
  5. Mix lettuces
  6. Wong Bok
  7. Musselburgh Leek
  8. African Marigold (Crackerjack)
  9. Earliball cabbage
Seedlings in recycled containers from milk and donuts.
After transplanting the seedlings (except carrots direct sowing), the patch transformation ~
This patch is in part shade. My neighbour has kindly cut some of their palm tree leaves that has been shading this patch from receiving direct sunlight. Now the plants in this veggie patch will received more light. Cineraria does not mind to be in the shaded area. African marigold will be the front border for this patch and keep the nematodes away from attacking the brassicas. Another different view of this patch.
Stay away slug and snail from those seedlings!!!
Have a nice weekend everyone.


One said...

Do you think gypsum worked? It should right, with that many beautiful flowers. I have very heavy clay soil too.

Sue Garrett said...

Cineraria are houseplants in our part of the world - strange to see them among the vegetables.

Amanda Ashkar McCoy said...

Wow! I love your bio and think what you're doing is great! What a wonderful mama you are, to grow your own food and teach your boys to do the same. I think your next patch of plants looks lovely. The seedlings are really coming along. I also sowed my carrot seeds straight into the ground and it has always worked out abundantly. You can check out my carrot harvest in my June blog section.

Well, have a great weekend and thanks for also checking out my blog! Can't wait to keep updated on yours!

Happy Gardening! :)

rainfield61 said...

Stay away slug and snail from those seedlings!


I do the jampi for you. lol.

Paul said...

I pulled some spinach out of my patch for lunch today. It is always a thrill to grow what you eat. Lovely job.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

One~ I think the gypsum work and organic matters help fasten the process. Takes a lot of patience though. Took me more than a year to make that soil look like that now.

G.L.A~ When I was studying in Japan, I saw many of the vegetable fields have flower borders.

Amanda~ The boys love to be outsides. I love your place and wow what things you can grow on your balcony.

Rainfield61~ Thanks for the jampi:) The seedlings are safe at the moment.

Paul~ You just remind me of my spinach which need to be harvested soon.

Stephanie said...

I love the bright colours of cineraria! I'll watch out for this flower :-D Great border you have there.

JGH said...

You are putting a small plot to excellent use here! Hope you 'll post an update in a month or so. Some nice combos here.