Sunday, September 5, 2010

September Fruit & Vegetable Swap

There was a Community Fruit & Vegetable Swap local event in West Croydon held at James and Evie place, our host for this month this morning. We brought some chilies and cauliflowers to share this time. DSC08579

Year 2010 is a good cauliflower year for us. We have already frozen cauliflower stocks in the freezer.  We are nearing our objective of prolonging cauliflower season this year. There are still more than 30 cauliflower plants growing with different stages of growth at our place. This veggie patch is growing the youngest cauliflower plant in our place (seedling transplanted last June). Please ignore the periwinkle plant, I know it is still looking sad:( in early spring.

cauli patch 












Our hosts James and Evie front garden greeted us with colourful flowers suitable for mediterranean climate .













Gathering at the backyard where fresh produces are shared. Ilhan had a wonderful time playing with friends and getting his pants covered with mud. Our hosts has a dog and Ilhan is scared of dogs. He jumps to anyone who are nearest to him crying to be carry if the dog is near to him. I feel very sorry for people who was force to carry Ilhan end up with dirty clothes. He was not afraid of dogs before but since last year he is scared of dog and I cannot convince him not to be afraid with dog now. What should we do?














Our hosts recycled oil raw drums to grow food. Interesting idea.











We brought back grapefruits, lemons, daun kesum (Vietnamese mint) and two stems of daisy-like flower to propagate ( we been told it can grow 3~5 metres tall in a year and flower in winter, thought it was sugarcane or bamboo stem at first).


Sue Garrett said...

Maybe you'll have to buy a dog? Lovely white cauliflowers.

rainfield61 said...

You went shopping, but not in a supermarket.

Have a super Saturday.

Sue Catmint said...

congrats on growing so many fabulous caulis. Those swaps are so wonderful, I haven't got round to going any yet. About the dog problem: he needs to gradually be exposed to dogs so he gets used to them. Even pictures of dogs to start with.

One said...

Hi! This swapping event sounds interesting. I would like to attend one. I used to plant a lot of potted plants and give them away. Maybe I should have organized a plant swapping day, ya?

Rule of Fashion said...

love your blog

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Autumn Belle said...

In Malaysia, people like to recycle old tyres and plastic paint containers as planter boxes. I love daun kesum with assam laksa. It gives it the extra oomph. The cauliflowers are my fave dish too. Have a great weekend!

takaeko said...



Hot-melting days have continued in Osaka...

It's so shocking that my sweet-corns are dead due to bug's attack that I and my wife are so disappointed.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

G.L.A~ Unfortunately the place we currently renting does not allow us to have pet:(

Rainfield61~ hope you snap lots of beautiful shots.

Catmint~ I still trying to figure out what traumatic experience Ilhan had to make him scared of dogs. He was playing with dogs fine early this year. Maybe storybook about dogs will help.

One~ Good idea! Can be very fun! Maybe post about it on your neighbourhood supermarkets!

Autumn Belle~ Many people here use recycle old tyres to grow potatoes.

Takaeko~ Some of our sweetcorns died due to heat wave last year.

Malar said...

Plants swapping sound good! You have many cauliflowers! They look good too!
Poor Ilhan. May be some story book on dogs will make him better!;-)

Stephanie said...

Oh wow vegetable exchange... it's such a good thing to do. Sorry about the dog for Ilhan ;-) I hope one day he'll get use to it. Btw, your chillies look really good. I am sure they tasted great. Have a great week!