Monday, September 6, 2010

Dividing gerberas

We received some pots containing plants or empty pots from friend who is going to go back to Malaysia soon about two weeks ago. Its been raining almost everyday so I did not have the chance to welcome our new plants and sort out which need to be taken care first. Sunday morning the sun got the chance to shine before the rain came pouring again in the afternoon. I only managed to give my attention to this plant only before I am totally drenched. What do you think this is? We are guessing it is gerbera.

I tried to grow gerbera by seeds in different season before but the seed never germinate. Some resources said it is better with fresh seeds. Other resources said divide the gerbera plants with their own sets of roots intact in cool weather. So this time I divided the gerbera plant with their own set of roots and re-planted them in ground and pots. I managed to divide them into 4 identical plant (they still has the same gene don’t they).
DSC08621 I found this eggs attach on the roots when I was dividing them. Mik said it was earthworm eggs! I was a bit sceptical. Whose egg do you this belong to?
This plant look much better on its new home.  Hope they produce beautiful flower soon. Wonder what is the flower colour will be.
DSC08622  Our gerbera is cheerful again leaving winter behind. Seems to be thriving in Adelaide current temperature. My Little Potted Garden blog has many beautiful variety of gerberas growing in her garden.
DSC08614 Seed diary (05/09/2010):
(1)Nicola potato seeds
(2) Turnip (Eden seeds)


Autumn Belle said...

I have never seen earthworm eggs before. Your gerberas are lovely. Good luck on the divisions, hope they'll bear flowers soon.

rainfield61 said...

Looking at the eggs, I do believe aliens have silently invaded your backyard.

One said...

Wow! Such big beautiful gerbera blooms! Has the tiny white eggs hatched yet?

Sue Garrett said...

The eggs are either snails or slugs eggs - I once hatched some when I was teaching and you could watch the tiny snails developing inside the egg

Can you leave the gerberas outside all year - here we treat them as pot plants

Thomas said...

I never knew that earthworms laid eggs.:) I agree with Green Lane Allotments, it looks like either slugs or snails.

JGH said...

Those do look like gerbera, - are they perennial where you live? We have so many earthworms, you'd think I know what their eggs look like, but I'm afraid I don't.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Kakdah is having a yellow gerbera. No flower yet so far... The eggs seem to be that of snails/slugs. ~bangchik

kitchen flavours said...

Hope the gerberas grow well and healthy! Couldn't wait to see the colours! Thank you for the nice intro, The eggs seems to belong to the snails or slugs. They love gerbera plants!

Malar said...

Keep the egg in a container and see what come out of it! I hope it's beneficial insect!

Hope to see your new Gerbera grow healthy and bloom for you! ;-)

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

The egg has not hatch yet, we have to wait and see.
Gerberas are perennial here. Mine stayed outside the whole winter in pots and on the ground,and they have start to produce flower. What worries me is heat wave in summer.