Friday, October 15, 2010

Carrot companions

It is a good month to sow carrot in Adelaide. I was surprise that carrot seeds emerged after about a week sowing them. Usually it takes more than 2~3 weeks for the seedling to emerge. We need to sow as many carrot seeds before December when the weather are getting warmer and the germination rate is getting lower which eventually is better to wait until end summer to start carrot seeds sowing again here in Adelaide.
Cucumber seedling with carrot baby seedlings (a few days old) in polystyrene container.

Carrots with baby sweetcorns.
Carrots growing beside leeks in front of our kitchen. In front of them are a row of komatsuna.
Carrots in polystyrene container.


rainfield61 said...

Carrots are good for our eyes, especially having spent to much time in front of computer.

Autumn Belle said...

Carrot, cucumbers, sweetcorns and leeks are some of my favourite things. Nice to look and good to cook!

Wendy said...

It will be nice to see your stuff growing as it gets cold here!

miruku said...

Wanna see more on how your carrots grow! Love the shape of the leaves!
Happy weekends!

Stephanie said...

I say it's going to be a good month for you ;-) Everything is looking great. Love the look of those little carrots in that polystyrene container.

Btw, I see lovely nasturtiun at the background. Does nasturtium seed takes a long time to sprout?

Have a great weekend!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Rainfield61~ they are definitely good for the eyes.

Autumn Belle~ Good for the health too.

Wendy~It is like winter back today. But not complaining that much because we gardeners welcome the much needed rain after a long dry season in Adelaide.

Milka~ Yes the carrot leaves shape are interesting and different from other veggies. Happy weekend to you too.

Stephanie~ Nastartium seeds does not take long to sprout I think:) But it needs a lot of space to grow. We had to grow them vertically as they were covering up all the other vegetable on the same patch. Have a nice weekend!

Sue Garrett said...

Do you get carrot fly?

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the info. You have a nice weekend too :-D

Mr. H. said...

I like how you have grown them with other plants. We had a few carrots that somehow accidently ended up in amongst the other veggies and they were some of our biggest ones. Perhaps we should do as you are and grow a few more like that next year, I could see them doing well in our pepper plot. Your nasturtiums look like they are doing well this year.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Green Lane Allotment~ I think we don't get carrot fly here but in winter we had some trouble with caterpillar, snail and slug that devour carrot seedling leaves.

Mr. H. ~ I daydream of your carrot harvest yesterday thinking how wonderful if one day I can grow that many carrots. You have many seld-seed carrot too from the one you have been collecting seeds from.