Sunday, October 10, 2010

I could not resist

I went to  the local nursery to have a survey on what is suitable to grow this month. Not planning to buy any seedlings, funny though I don’t have much luck growing from bought seedlings than I grow from seeds. Because of that I don’t plan to buy any seedlings this summer but be patient and grow them by seeds. But when I saw something I never grown before I cannot resist…so I bought these seedlings:

(1) Eggplant – Bonica ; transplanted between the geraniums, I think it needs a bit of shade rather than full fun from our summer scorching heat.

Eggplant bonita(2) Squash – yellow truffles ~ I have never eaten squash in my life before or cook it either. I wonder how does it taste like. But the vegetable look so cute, out of curiosity we are growing them this summer. There are four in the punnets, one of the seedlings is surrounded by carrots.

DSC09085(3) Tomato- Tigerella ~ I would like to see the stripe.

(4) Tomato- Rouge de Marmande ~ I am trying to find which tomato variety is suitable in our veggie patch with the kind of climate we have here. This is one of Australia favourite it is so popular.

(5) Capsicum- Sweet mixed ~ 7 seedlings with different variety.

(6) Portulaca- Sundial Mango. I like the colour and it always bloom in summer here.

(7) Dahlia-Cinderalla ~ First time in my life growing them. I hope I won’t make it die in my hands.

Some of the thing that I noticed when we were at the nursery:

  • This summer all the plants price are up at least 25cents. Next time I have to resist much harder.
  • All the cucurbit seedlings that in display don’t have any true leaf yet or just one true leaf same growth as the one we sowed at home.
  • Not many selection of varieties this year compared with last year especially with the melons.
  • This is a busy month for gardeners, in Southern hemisphere we are preparing for summer veggies, and Northern hemisphere with fall planting.
    Happy gardening.


miruku said...

A garden lover will not resist the temptation! You will end up buying no matter how hard you've tried :P

rainfield61 said...

Datuk Nicole David is the Champion of 2010 Commonwealth Game- squash event.

Stephanie said...

I am growing a dwarf and compact dahlia now. Requires not much water to survive ;-) Its a beautiful flower! Your portulaca flower colour is new to me... amazing.

Hooray to squash also!! Datuk Nicol David made Malaysia proud again :-D

JGH said...

I think you're going to love squash. I didn't like it when I was little. But now it's like I'm making up for lost time. Happy growing!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Milka ~ You are absolutely right.

Rainfield61~ I have never seen squash in Malaysia. First time saw them last summer here in Adelaide. Hooray Malaysia boleh! If only Olympic game have squash.

Stephanie~ I am happy to hear that dahlia don't need much water.

JGH~ Will that mean I have trouble convincing my boys to eat squach:). I can't wait to taste my first squash.