Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seashell mulch?

I have too many seedlings that I have transplanted on the ground that need protection against caterpillars, snail, slugs and other pests. But I don’t have much time to check on them everyday to look between leaves for caterpillars or snail hideout.  Last week we all when fishing near a fishing port, there were a lot of seashell on the beach. I look at the seashell and I got the idea that maybe I can use seashell as mulch (save money) and protect seedling from snail and slug. I  think it will be difficult for the snail or slug to crawl on the seashell to get near the seedlings. In addition, the seashell smell strongly with salt, those pests will not want to come closer. I did not take that much seashell I just did some experiment on a few cucumber seedlings that I transplanted recently that some leaves have been chewed on.

DSC09203 A week later those cucumber seedlings is still untouched by snail and slug. However quick crop pak choi transplanted around the cucumber seedlings that I did not put seashell has been munched.

DSC09204 I found this big praying mantis on top of our bush bean leaves. I thought it was still early for them to appear. Is this the one which has made our bush bean leaves holes everywhere.

DSC09123 I am happy to see many bees buzzing around the house now. Their favourites are onion flowers.


Enjoy your weekend.


Chloe m said...

It looks pretty and functional. Good idea! I wonder if the plants will also benefit from the decaying seashells if they have calcium? That could just be my imagination.

JGH said...

Smart solution, I think! I've also heard that slugs won't crawl across sandpaper, but this is much more decorative! I tried doing beer traps, but only caught a few.

One said...

Those seashells look gorgeous in the garden. They will provide minerals to the plants too. The praying mantis is probably your private investigator, looking for possible suspects of leaves munchers. Did you receive an e-mail from Blotanical? Mine usually goes to the Junk Folder. Do look out for it.

miruku said...

I use eggshells, but yours is more decorative! :)

rainfield61 said...

You have done a good experiment that certainly help.

Have a good Sunday.

Unknown said...

Added nutrition for the cucumber plants. We had a good crop of cucumbers and will start growing them soon.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Rosey~ Thank you for the visit. I think you are probably right it will also provide calcium as well. What a bonus!

JGH~ I tried before with orange peels in containars and got a few. But have to wake up early in the morning before they crawl out to hide.

ONE~ Yes I hope to elect the praying mantis as our chief inspector if he acts good. That is the biggest one I ever saw since I start my garden here. Thank you ONE I have just read my email. I will drop by later at your plot.

Milka~ I used eggshell too before.

Rainfield61~ I hope it works but I need more material.

Keats the Sunshine Girl~ Its nice to hear you had a good crop of cucumbers, I need some advice. We did not have much cucumber to harvest last year.

rainfield61 said...

That Empididae admired me so much that it stayed still for a thorough watch at me.

Paul said...

Nice idea. Love the mantis. Very handsome.

Gesine Seepferd said...

I´ve also seen using seashells in gardens in the Netherlands and I like it very much!
It is decorative and usefull at the same time!
Have a nice weekend!

Sue Garrett said...

Not as pretty as yours but I have heard crushed seashells are a good slug deterrrent - a bit sharp to crawl across. We don't have mantis - are they always that colour?

Mr. H. said...

What a great idea, it sounds like it is working out well for you. We also have a lot of problems with slugs and snails but no good way to get rid of them. I bet the calcium in the shells will be good for your garden plants.

takaeko said...


You seem to find a new method! If seashell works out I will try it too.
Salt in seashell is not good for soil so I think you should wash it with water.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Paul~ Can't seem to find the handsome lad anywhere now.

Rosalie-gesine~ That is nice to know how seashell is also used in Netherlands.

Green Lane Allotment~ We also have green mantis. I just put the uncrushed seashell near the seedling to make it look more interesting.The crushed one is also used:)

Mr. H~ We have clay soil which is said to be calcium deficient. The calcium from the seashell will supplement our soil we hope.

Takaeko~ 貝殻を使う前に水でもう洗いました。でも塩の匂いまだ少し残っています。

Malar said...

You have creative ideas! shell look good, have minerals and protect the seedling too!

Chris Brock (under the Chestnut tree) said...

Hi - i've been meaning to ask if you have sent any mail my way. If so contact me on

Chris Brock (under the Chestnut tree) said...

And love your photos!

almutarjimah said...

Wow, house full of greens. You had what in Malay we called 'tangan sejuk' :)

Makarimi Abdullah said...

I also seashell as a medium to my orchids. Good idea and smart solution!