Monday, October 18, 2010

Utilising space with quick crop

Living in a suburban area we only have a small space for growing food.  So with limited space that we have  for vegetable that takes a long time to mature, will have to spend their youthful days with other quick crop is one of solution to utilise space. This small hybrid cabbage (earliball) is growing between lettuces. The lettuce will be the cabbage guards against pest, when these lettuces get munched I will be instantly alert of any attack.


Red choi (hybrid) growing near tomatoes and squash (yellow ruffles). In a few weeks red choi is ready to be harvest. Some of the leaves has been chewed on some still untouched. I have to wait until rain will leave Adelaide dry again to spray chili juice on them.

DSC09277 At the back rows of Red Choi is a fortress of leek seedlings guarding this asian leaf vegetable against pest from this direction. The leeks have to grow more bigger to be an effective fortress.DSC09267 Komatsuna growing with cherry tomatoes. Caterpillar for now is happy chewing nastartium leaves. Komatsuna is safe at the moment. I am most certain now that pest won’t bother komatsuna if there is other leafy vegetable nearby from past to current observation. Komatsuna is more pest resistance compare with other asian greens.

DSC09291 Daikon (Japanese white radish) growing near sunflower. We can see the white root now. I think the soil is too hard for the root to penetrate. If so we might have to harvest the daikon early. At the positive side, I am hoping it will help break the soil because we are planning to plant watermelon seedling there after growing radish.

DSC09307  More choy sum seedlings to transplant last week.DSC09113

We transplanted choy sum seedlings near carrots and cherry tomato plant. I was surprised after a week those seedling grown twice their size.DSC09308  Bloomsdale spinach growing  side by side with bush bean (pioneer). Hope we can prevent the spinach from bolting too quickly when the weather gets warmer by shading from bush bean leaves.


Fresh vegetable for today menu : Hon tsai tai (purple-flowered choy sum) grown between sweetcorn seedlings, carrot thinnings, white and red stem spring onions , and celery.DSC09283


miruku said...

Your garden is producing nicely. All are my favorites!

Yuzie Amir said...

I'm so happy to see your kitchen garden..and at the same time i envy youuuu...

kitchen flavours said...

Wow, what a good harvest! The rest of your plants are all doing well. Looks like it won't be long now for the next harvest.

Sue Garrett said...

You certainly pack plenty in to your small space. Love the little violas