Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rayyan’s catheterization today (心の準備)

I took one week leave of absence from school starting this week Tuesday because I will be busy with Rayyan’s medical appointments. Rayyan had his pre-admission medical check up on Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday morning he will have cardiac catheterization and required an overnight stay in the hospital and I will also be staying in the hospital with him. Some of nurses in the hospital ward remember Rayyan and surely they remember Rayyan mama who is a stubborn girl always by Rayyan side. The nurses had a hard time convincing me to take a rest away from Rayyan bed. But how can I rest when I keep on hearing the alarm beeping so frequently indicating his oxygen saturation level drop and my baby is in pain. I was an emotional wrecked when Rayyan was first admitted in intensive unit care. Guilt was one of the main factor. There are risks with this ‘catheterization’ thing from what the cardiologist explained about the procedure. But I will think of positive things and hope the next surgery will be booked soon for Rayyan sake. To make me calm and ready for the next day, I look at the bright things in our garden after the pre-admission check up.

How wonderful our first poppy bloom this week. This is our first time growing them and grown from seed too. I was afraid I got the sowing time wrong. I was surprised to see that the colour of this flower was crimson blood red. However, correct me if I am wrong, I find that the petal are very fragile and the flower bloom a short time only before it fall to the ground blown by the wind.

Columbine producing more flowers.
DSC09329 Polyanthus still showing colourful display at our patch. I am happy this year we have several colours of polyanthus blooming in our garden.
DSC09344 I did not know that poppy plant can grow so tall. This gerbera is being cramped by above shown poppy picture.DSC09335

We have many corianders flowering in the garden now. The tallest coriander plant in our place is almost 5’feet tall now. I like to look at the coriander white dainty flower.
DSC09356 Kai lan (Chinese broccoli) flower and red onion flower in the background. It is still too early to sow kai lan seeds have to wait until next month. This is a kai lan plant that we forget to harvest because it was hiding between broccoli plant over winter.
DSC09348 Ilhan will wonder why Rayyan and mama is not coming back home tomorrow. This favourite of his, peas is almost end of the season but I am glad Ilhan will have some pea snack tomorrow.
DSC09341 Some treat for Ilhan tomorrow~strawberry is ready to be pick.  Not only from this strawberry plant but Alpine strawberries too for him.
DSC09328 Everything should be fine and go smoothly tomorrow ~ My hope.


rainfield61 said...

Everything will be fine tomorrow; I can see all the bright colours.

Paul said...

My and my family's thoughts are with you. All will be well and you'll be home for strawberries before you know it.

Malar said...

I know how a mother's feeling would be when the kids get sick! We just pray that all the pain given to us instead of them!
Everything will be fine tomorrow and beautiful as your garden!

One said...

This is one of your most colourful and beautiful post. May Rayyan be well and happy... :)

Stephanie said...

May Rayyan be blessed with good doctors and nurses. Your garden looks really promising. Take care yeah... Your poppy, polyanthus and columbine flowers are so admirable :-D

Ayu Mahayu said...

May God be with you and your family.

Autumn Belle said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I wish the very best of luck for baby Rayyan for a successful operation and speedy recovery. Being a mother myself, I really do understand how you must be feeling right now. I had spent a few times with my boy at hospital for surgery. Our hearts pain to see our little kids having to undergo such experiences but I hope you get enough rest and do take good care of yourself too so that you are strong, healthy and energetic enough to take care of your baby. The blooms are red and beautiful today.

Semoga anak Rayyan sihat-sihat selalu!

takaeko said...


My thought is always with you. I hope you can give your blight smile to Rayyan in the hospital. I believe your beautiful flowers can help you to do that.


p3chandan said...

May God bless you and your family in these hard time, you are a strong mother and Rayyan is lucky to have a mom like you! Hope everything will go smoothly for Rayyan..

Autumn Belle said...

My dear friend, my pomegranate has split its bottom! Do come over to view my post when you have time. Take care.

Chloe m said...

I truly hope that your family and loved ones are on the mend soon. It is so difficult to see people in pain, especially our children.

And I forgot to mention how beautiful your poppy is! I love red!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Thank you all for the kind thoughts and wishes. Everything went well for Rayyan and we are back home. I need to prepare myself to be stronger for his next surgery.

fer said...

I wish you the best! I hope everything will be ok

I also was born with a heart condition. The worst was when I was a baby. My mom has told me about the bad nights she spend worrying about me and I still remember some days when my breath went away when I was a kid. But here I am 25 years old all healthy and traveling around the world.

I am sure things will work out for you and your family as well. My best wishes.

beautiful poppy. The red ones are amongst my favorites of all flowers.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Fer ~ Thank you for the notes of encouragement. I can understand how your mom feels as I feel the same as well.