Saturday, October 30, 2010

Seed from Alice Springs

Today I received a mail from Chris author of Under the Mulberry Tree blog and under the Alice Springs seedsavers some rare seeds: Melon~Sweet Turkish Leopard, Maize~Mozambique, Carrots~ Afgan purple and yellow. I am not even sure how this vegetables or fruit look like and that is part of the fun growing them will be. The melon picture is in Chris title collage fourth picture.I plan to sow the maize seeds end next month or early December so it won’t cross pollinate with my other sweet corn that is growing in the veggie patch now. Another reason with the long gap is that I have just direct sow some corn seed last week that has not yet pop up. I always wanted to grow other than orange colour carrot in the garden and now I have the purple and yellow carrot seeds in my collection. Chris wrote a note that it is better for these carrot seeds to be sown when daylight decreases so I  will wait until end of summer to sow the carrot seeds. Chris is so generous. I was surprised with the amount of seeds I received. 


This is the first ever dragonfly I have seen since I moved here. I hope more will come and enjoy their stay in our garden.

DSC09410 The seashell mulch has been a good way to prevent snail and slug. The lemon basil, eggplant and red choi seedlings transplanted last week is save from them.

DSC09444 Adelaide will have some few showers this weekend so the plants will be very happy.

Enjoy weekend!


Bom / Plant Chaser said...

Good luck with your seeds. It looks like you will have a very interesting vegetable garden come next year.

fer said...

Great to have such a nice friend! I hope all your seeds grow nicely. I can't wait to see how it goes.
Also, that is a very nice tip on using seashells for mulch.

oh, and about my post, yes 100en shop saves my life every time

miruku said...

Your seashells mulch looks great and is working well for you. It's another interesting way to keep the slugs away, brilliant! Good luck in your new seedlings, and happy weekend!

Maggie said...

Hi I love your blog
If you are at the Botanic Garden event tomorrow please ask for Maggie at the Hills and Plains Seedsavers trellis, it would be great to meet you.

One said...

Hi! Happy to know that you have received many seeds. Have fun sowing! I have lots of dragonflies here. You can come over and pick a few. I use seashells too but I thought I see tiny snails hiding beneath them.

rainfield61 said...

A dragonfly is a better friend if compared to a butterfly.

Your garden never welcomes any caterpillars.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Bom~ Looks like I have to replan my summer vegetable plot for the new seeds.

Fer~ I always find its hard to resist not to buy something if I visit one of the 100en shops.

Milka ~ Your eggshells too work so well.

Maggie ~ I hope it will not be that windy tomorrow. Looking forward to see you if we managed to get there.

One~ Maybe you have to crush the seashell a bit so it have sharp edges.

Rainfield61~ I welcome butterfly but not before they morph to become butterfly:)

Ellada said...

Because I have a big problem with the snail and slug,the seashell mulch really work ?

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Hi Ellada, It works like crushed eggshells. For the seashells it works better if it is crushed and have a lot of sharp edges to make it difficult for the snail and slug to glide through. I used the tiny seashells so it wont be a place for the pests to hide as well. So far it is working.