Sunday, August 1, 2010

In the Saturday Morning Garden


Finally its weekend and I can spend more time to observe what is happening in the veggie patch now. Planning which patch will provide some space first for spring planting. Few more weeks we will wave goodbye to winter and here come spring.

I planted two varieties of cauliflower this year, all year round and snowball. Below are these two varieties growing beside each other and about another week both of them will be ready to be harvest. Left picture is All Year Round and we can see the head clearly. On the right is the snowball variety and the leaves are folding the cauliflower head hiding it. I won’t know that it has start to develop head unless I peek inside.


We harvested hon tsai tai or also known as ‘Purple-flowered Choy Sum’. The purple stem of this asian vegetable is not a common thing to see.

hontsaitai Pull out from the patch another 4 bolted wong bok. I reckon we had a total of 12 bolted Wong Bok already. We still have more than that number growing in the patch. Hope not all of them bolted.DSC08064 Looking at so many hole in the Wong Bok, we found snail and slug hiding inside the leaves,


Can you see the caterpillar on the broccoli? I almost did not notice it. I did not intend to take the caterpillar picture but I was trying to get a good focus taking picture of this broccoli. When I look at the image in the camera did I notice this sneaky fat caterpillar.


I am not sure what is the yellow thing from the caterpillar.

DSC07923 DSC08048

Left are ‘sparkler’ radish. Middle and right are ‘pink radish’. I was not sure how the pink radish is supposed to look like and what is the right size to harvest them. So out of curiosity, I randomly pull pink radish out from the soil.The right one is not pink colour but deep purple. Could it be it is already too old? I have not try to eat them yet.


CathJ said...

I bet you are not staying Msia is it? ^_^... your vege looks soo big in size.. lovely lovely veggies...

ohhh that sneaky caterpillar...

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I'm living in Adelaide. Miss Msia so much though. No place like home.