Thursday, August 12, 2010

Self-seed flowers or veggies make gardening easy

Triple surprise this morning. The cineraria,polyanthus and viola is blooming after I had recently posted about waiting for them to bloom. Wonderful to see them blooming side by side. Extra bonus with the French marigold  as they self-seed by itself on that spot like a final touch up to make it look like a flower fest. We don’t have to sow any French marigold seeds anymore because this is their hot spot where they self-seed readily. Sometimes French marigold seedling become invasive, we scoop the seedlings and transfer them to other patch. Minus work on sowing seed and this flower plant is good to keep nematodes away! In addition to that save money on seed potting mix.


A Nice surprise too this month is many viola seedlings are found in the veggie patch. I did not expect violas I planted last year will self-seed so easily.

One of the spot viola seedlings are getting crowded under our chili plant. I have to transfer some of them later to a different place or pot up some for community fruit and veggie next month.


Transplanted some of viola seedlings in this wood box at the edge where pink radish seed has just germinated,growing carrots (just notice I have to thinned them) and waiting for brown onion seeds to germinate. It will be fun to see in a month or two how they are growing together in this box.

container gardening (16)

A smiling purple face with a yellow lipstick greet us this morning. Something has been busy making holes in this new viola petals.ViolA We found not only self-seeds flowers in the patch but self-seed tomatoes too!!!  Do you think I should have a go with this seedling? Will they give me good harvest? The leek will be annoyed with me if I don’t make up my mind soon about these self-seed tomatoes seedling.

DSC08216 Spring countdown…


kitchen flavours said...

What beautiful plants you have! Your viola flowers are really pretty. As for your leeks and tomatoes, I would keep the tomatoes! I guess that the leek will be ready for harvest very soon, so do what you can for the tomatoes!

Yuzie Amir said...

hai..just hoping from bangchik blog.
I love gardening too..but yet i don't blog about it..but i do have photgraphy blog.
I really enjoy reading your blog.
keep in touch!

Autumn Belle said...

Yes, keep the tomatoes! I'm sure the leek won't mind. The violas are pretty lasses. So yellow lipstick is flower fashion for summer?

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

kitchen flavours> I keep the tomatoes but will transplant them later before they get too overcrowded.

Yuzie> Thank you for visiting my blog. Keep in touch!

Autumn Belle> At the moment yellow lipstick seems to be the trend in our patch. Hope bees are attracted to them.