Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Celery is one of the first vegetable we tried to plant from seed last year. We did not know at first that celery seed takes a long time to germinate. Even in optimum condition it will take about 3 weeks to germinate. Celery is my cousin Mik favourite. So I make sure I sow celery seed twice a year, end of March and August so we will have continuous supply. If you are growing celery for your own use at home, you don’t have to wait until it is big like in the market. Cut the outer biggest stalk first. They will grow back again.

Celery seedlings.

CELERY (1)Celery needs a lot of water. If water is restricted the centre of the stem will be hollow and stringy. You won’t get the nice juicy stem to munch on. I get this problem when I plant celery during the warmer months. Celery has almost no calories because the whole plant contains only water. Good vegetable to people who is controlling their diets.

Celery picking up growth now as spring season is almost upon us. I planted some in front of the living room so my eyes can feast on them through the window when outside temperature is unbearable.

celery tendercrisp (4)Celery blocking galangal view.

celery tendercrisp (1)Celery has many roots. If you are planting them in container make sure it is at least 30cm deep.

Celery in container.

container gardening (3) 

I am planning to sow celery seeds this end August. I usually have a lot of extra seedling later and no place to plant them. Anyone who leaves near Adelaide who wants some celery seedling later please contact me before end of this month.

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