Friday, August 20, 2010

King William Road

The weather is a bit strange today it keep on changing between sunny and shower. On the way back from the hospital we saw a flock of parrots picking on the bud that is about to bloom indicating spring is just around the corner. We were very happy looking at them its like God has just answered our prayers.


Why? While Rayyan had his appointment with the nutritionists, we had his nasal tube changed. Rayyan was not happy with that and what determination he showed us to resist the tube going through his nose to his stomach crying the whole time. I tried to make him stop struggling and crying by promising we will see big bird outside.

Voila! We saw not one but four beautiful parrots. This put a smile back on Rayyan so  serious face.



Walking on King William Road to the nearest tram station we also saw one of Adelaide icon which is the Black Swan eating grass ignoring buses or cars which passed them.

DSC08349 Before going home we did some shopping at Adelaide Central Market. One of the organic shops.

DSC08354 It was drizzling when we reached home TADAIMA…. Our bird friend was cold and wet when it came to greet us…OKAERI.

DSC08361 Reading Cath blog made me crave for young mango so luckily in one of the chinese shop in Adelaide Central Market has some. We made kerabu mangga for buka puasa.

DSC08365 Quickly harvested some chilies, broccoli shoot and a cauliflower when it was drizzling for hot tom yum.



kitchen flavours said...

I'm glad that Rayyan is getting better. He must be very happy to see the birds. Your tomyam looks good. Have a good ramadhan month!

One said...

Even the birds are co-operative. Not only are they very colourful, there are a quite a variety of them. Hope Rayyan is happy and well.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Thank you he is much better now and making lot of loud noises (good noises). He had respiratory viral infection.

Tabib said...

I just browse thro' your blog and found this interesting entry... of beautiful birds... story about your son... and that yummy Tomyam.
Selamat menghabiskan ibadat Ramadan and Happy coming Raya! ;)