Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gardening in 1.5m X 1.5m space

After returning from the hospital, fed Rayyan & put him to sleep. Ilhan accompany me outside to do a little bit of gardening as a therapy of making me calm and release some stress. Less than 5 minutes, he goes and find something to do beside me and forget those just borrowed books from the local library.

Space 1>

I manured this veggie patch of us (about 1.5m X 1.5m) and planted some seed potatoes (nicola). We already harvested 3 curds of cauliflowers from this patch & there is still 3 cauliflower plant left which I reckon by end of this month will be harvested. In the front, parsley has been grown for almost a year now and we won’t be surprise as the day becomes longer, those parsley may start to flower. Near the wall 3 hollyhocks grown from seed. Hopefully by December those hollyhocks display some flowers.


I am thinking of planting some sunflower seeds near that parsley so that they provide shade from summer scorching sun because in summer this patch will received full sunlight after noon. In addidtion, I will sow maybe climbing beans or soy beans close to sunflower for support. To utilise this space, I will plant fast crop vegetable such as asian greens (maybe komatsuna I already have seedlings).

Space 2>

~Snow peas growing vertically to save space ~galangal~5 celeries ~2 cauliflowers~3 calendulas ~ 3 Chili plants~ 3 rows of leeks~ 2 rows of carrots~some pansies and violas ~ and some pyrethrum plants.

I never follow the rules for distance between each plant in those gardening books. Just using my own judgement and experience from trial and error. So far this space looks they all are doing fine.

DSC08313 Collecting more calendula seeds.

DSC08310 Harvest baby leeks. Mik remark that our baby leeks are much smaller than baby leeks sold in Central Market. I wanted to taste them so much it takes forever to wait for leek to grow big.

Carrots from thinning carrots thats why they look baby.



One said...

Gardening is therapeutic. Many plant varieties in a small space yet all looking luscious. This is good planning on your side.

CathJ said...

Calendula??? wow 1st time see... interesting!!

Thomas said...

It looks like your cauliflower is heading up nicely. Unfortunately, all of mine bolted prematurely this year.

Malar said...

Gardening is definately a good theraphy! How is Rayyan now?

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Yup Gardening definitely a good therapy. Rayyan is much better now.