Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Big Bird nest?

Rayyan health is deteriorating. I am so worried it has been since last Saturday I have not been to lab. During the weekend I got to see his condition worsening made up my mind to be with him until I could bring him to the cardiologist to ascertain how long he has to cope until they plan for his next surgery. He is having many episode in a day when he has trouble breathing and he turns blue in his face. He has to throw up before he starts to breath normally again, well almost normally. I don’t think my brain could function normally if I am doing experiment in the lab- the body is there, but the mind and heart is with Rayyan at home. At the moment, my first priority is Rayyan and tomorrow I will bring him to Women and Children Hospital for the cardiologist to examine him. I hope surgery will be in the near future. We don’t mind celebrate Eid Mubarak in Melbourne Royal Children Hospital as long as baby Rayyan won’t have to go through a lot of this episode. I feel hopeless when I watch him suffering but there is nothing I could do to lessen the pain. A small heart that need to be fixed so it will function properly, like any other machines. Rayyan has 4 major defects in his heart and in medical term is known as ‘Tetralogy of Fallot’ a complex congenital heart defect condition.

Rayyan like to watch bird from the window they make him happy. If it is not that cold, I will take him outside to watch the birds. Our next door neighbour has many big tall trees in his backyard and many birds are flocking on them as the weather gets warmer. Mik found this interesting big shape nest like a pot without its handle (picture top right). From where we were standing it looks bigger than a coconut fruit sitting precariously on top of that branch. We wonder how can it stand not fall down from the strong wind without any shelter or protection and very high place.


We found another similar looking nest on a different tree. It looks like it is not made of small twig or stick. We don’t know what type of bird live in that kind of nest.

DSC08281This bird has become very tame with us (Manja!!!) since Mik has been feeding this bird since last year. It follows us around the house when we are outside. Sometimes observing what we are doing inside the house too, Just looking at any window facing the front of the house and the bird will be near. Took this picture from inside the house with Rayyan looking at his favourite bird sunbathing near those calendulas.


Pray for us for tomorrow Rayyan check up.


kitchen flavours said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, may Rayyan has a speedy recovery and be well and healthy soon. Please take care of yourself too, Rayyan needs a strong super mommy around to pamper him when he's well and discharged!

Yuzie Amir said...

Semoga Rayyan cepat sembuh yer.As a mom i know how do feel.Be strong okay..keep on praying.

Stephanie said...

Yup have faith and keep praying. May the doctor give an accurate diagnose and treatment so that Rayyan could recover faster.

That bird look so at home and really love the sun bath. Oh, your calendulas are beautiful!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Thank you very much. I hope I can be a good mother to Rayyan.