Monday, August 16, 2010

Free Horse Manure

Robbe whom we met last week at the community fruit & veggie swap told us that we could get free horse manure in one of Adelaide racecourses. I decided to google and  find more information. Interestingly I found the information on where to get those free horse manure in Wikipedia. You can get free horse manure from nearby stable at Morphettville racecourse and it has already prepared in bags. You don’t have to scoop it yourself. Although we did bring same sack in case we have to do it ourselves.

We went there yesterday and took 3 bags because the car has no more space. We will definitely go there again when our horse manure supply run low. At first we thought that it will smell really bad on the way home but it was really not bad at all. In comparison, durian or fish smell much stronger.

horse manure (3)

Golden manure. Looks like mulch. Looks different from cow,sheep and chicken manure. This horse manure look promising with lots of nutrient. Race horse eat very high quality food.

horse manure (1)


kitchen flavours said...

Wow, free manure! How interesting! Definitely a big saving on fertilizers, which can be costly at times!

Stephanie said...

Hello Malay-Kadazan girl! hey really it doesn't smell bad? How nice! Yeah can go get more next time. When I was in Perth on a holiday, after the gardener came to apply horse manure... I remember it smelt really bad ;-) btw, thanks for your encouraging words you left in my blog :-D

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Getting it free is a real treat. It does look like mulch of saw dust!.... ~bangchik

CathJ said...

wow free... :).. interesting..

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Since we could cut cost on fertilizers this encourage us more to garden.

One said...

It's nice to have free fertilizer. Just to share, I was given some dried cow dung by a neighbour and am very surprised that it didn't smell at all. I guess when they are dried, they don't smell.

All the best to your son and family.

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

If I remember correctly I watched a documentary long time ago that there is a country who used dried cow dung as material for house wall.
Thank you.