Friday, August 13, 2010

Freezing Cauliflowers

We are having excess cauliflowers this week. I only had a few minutes in the veggie patch this week before I am off to lab. This morning I see many cauliflower curds are looking very matured,

DSC08220 Mik helped harvest all those matured looking cauliflower today and help to keep them in the freezer today. We harvested five cauliflower curds today.

DSC08246 Cut into small pieces.

DSC08251 Blanched for about 2 minutes. The stem greenish colour is a bit different and look more softer. Before blanching it still has the crisp crunchy look.


Seal and pack ready to be frozen with label as a reminder. Five time meal for us and ready to be prepared anytime. I have not google yet on how long we could keep it frozen but I think at least 6 months should be fine.

DSC08254 We only had cauliflower last year in August and it was not enough to preserve them. We had to wait almost a year to taste our own home grown cauliflower again.This year hopefully we could prolong the cauliflower production in our veggie patch.

BANZAI!!! We already have frozen cauliflower pack that could be our saviour when nothing edible is in the patch or  for whenever we have cauliflower craving in summer or autumn.

I don’t have a scale to know how many kilos I have harvested so far for cold season brassicas.

But this is a harvest tally memo up till today;

Broccoli ~ 10 curds

Cauliflower ~ 10 curds

Bolted Wong Bok ~ 14 plants (sigh)


rainfield61 said...

Happy harvest!

You will feel more satisfied if you can plant a Rambutan tree in your garden.

Nice to see you.

CathJ said...

holi cow... So fresh!!! envy lah... :)

takaeko said...

私のblog(Small vege garden in a suburb)を見て頂き有難うございます。


Hi, I'm Takaeko.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

I'm also a novice gardener starting raising vegetables 1 year ago in Osaka,Japan.

You are living Australia whose climate is quite different from that of Japan. But I believe we can help each other by exchanging ideas on farming veges!

kitchen flavours said...

Wow, what a good harvest you have! I really envy you, in a good way!! He! He!, The cauliflower must be really sweet and tasty!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Rainfield61> I would like to plant one here but i don't think it could survive Adelaide cold winter.
Cath> Not sure whether Kundasang grow many cauliflowers. But I here people are avoiding Kundasang vegetable at tamu nowadays due to over usage of pesticide.
Takaeko>You are living in Osaka, a bit colder than Adelaide. Lets exchange ideas.
Kitchen flavours> I would have give you one if we are living nearby...hehehe..

Malar said...

I wish to have cauliflower and broccoli in my vegetable patch too!.....but I think Malaysia's weather is not suitable...! Really glad to see your harvest!