Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Growing without a hot house

The temperature is still cold to grow warm weather lover vegetables and we don’t have a hot house. Luckily I saved this two medium size (at least 30cm tall) plastic bottle from being thrown to the recycle bin. Might as well recycle them for my pleasure of gardening make my own hot house. I cut some hole for drainage and the top part cut closer to the lid as possible.So I have a tall pot later on.Cut like you could open a rubbish bin lid and make it easy to water.  I sow some cherry type tomato seeds and cherry type capsicum seeds. When the seedlings are tall enough to transfer and weather permitting, I will leave one seedling in each plastic bottle to grow. Since it is a cherry type fruit vegetable, it does not have that deep root system to give a thought about it. Well I could always transplant the plant later if they don’t fit in this pot or as a Christmas gift in December .

heating (2)

If they grow well in this pot, I could grow many of them this summer without having any dilemma regarding space.

Cineraria has produced many buds since last month, However it still have not bloom. This is the first them I planted cineraria so I am not sure when are they going to give me a glorious show. Judging from the buds, I think we have 4 colours cineraria plants.


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