Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gardening on the other side of the fence

Adelaide had a very fine weather today. Early in the morning we start to garden outside on the other side of our backyard fence which I think is just a reserve land. I had to climb and jump the fence because we don’t have the key while Mik and Rayyan had to walk about 5 minutes to get to the back of our fence. One of the back neighbours are having construction building a warehouse I think and trucks like to park near our fence. Sometimes it could be very noisy with the music blasting loudly from the trucks and the kids can’t have their short nap during the day. So we are determined today to sow some home save sunflower evening sun seeds all along our fence.Finally we got lucky. The line were clear nobody at the back today after waiting patiently for about a week. Hopefully in future they won’t park near our fence side.

About a month ago, Ilhan and Mik planted some onion that has sprouted leaves at this area. After planting those onions, it has been neglected and they grow depending on rain water only. Amazingly, the onions are doing very well. So we planted some more sprouted onions today.

DSC08397Finally I have a place for this celery seedlings which I reckon it roots are suffocating due to growth space and water competition.DSC08399 We found at least 10 self-seed tomato seedlings in our veggie patch and transplant them to this area as well. Thank you for blogger friends for note of encouragement on keeping them.


This is how it looks now. But hopefully in 3 months the sunflower will start producing and provide a nice view for passerby.Mmmm…our wish for the moment.


My note for today ;

Seed sown> Evening sun sunflower, Honeydew melon, pumpkin, soy bean, radish, carrot.

Seedling transplanted> Viola, tomato, celery, onion.


rainfield61 said...

If only refer to the first picture, it looks like you are harvesting the onion at my backyard, in Malaysia.

takaeko said...


I believe planting sunflowers as a fence is a very good idea.Some signboards saying "Don't park cars hear!" could be hostile and thorny sometimes.

Autumn Belle said...

I think planting at the other side of the fence is a great idea. Good luck with your vegies and sunflowers. Hope that soon, you shall see all your efforts bear fruit!

kitchen flavours said...

Hope your veggies and tomatoes bear lots of fruits. Sunflower would make a lovely and striking border. Great that you could do this!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Rainfield61> Do you mean because the onion looks like a long grass?:)

Takaeko> Yes, I hope the sunflower will speak for me.

Autumn Belle> I hope the sunflower will grow taller than the fence so we could also view the sunflower at the other side of the fence too.

Kitchen flavors> It will be a treat for us if they bear lots of fruit.