Friday, August 6, 2010

Changes in 3 months (winter growth)

Winter season which vegetables growth are the slowest.

early autumn 2010 (7)

depan bilik (2)

This is both are from our veggie patch on the same location where left picture is 3 months ago and right is how the patch look now. Calendula are planted in the centre and are having many buds that are going to bloom soon. Perhaps another month or so we will start to harvest cauliflower from this patch. Cauliflower leaves are hiding carrots. This patch only received limited sunlight (at most 2hours in sunniest day) but could still grow well. So for people who has limited sunny place in winter like me to plant vegetables, we still have hope utilising them.Patch size about 100cmX150cm.

early autumn 2010 (54)


All vegetables that was planted 3 month ago is doing well. This is the most sunniest places in our patch so the vegetables has no complaint. Even Pak Choy had long been harvested and in its place now are lettuces.

early autumn 2010 (50)








We can’t see our red onion now when 4 broccoli plants around red onion has become so big. We peek inside to see how the red onions are growing, a bit slow but not unhappy.

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