Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fun with container gardening early August

I am a gardener who has so limited space and currently is renting. One option I have is growing vegetable in container. Growing vegetable in container can be fun as we could change the garden lay-out anytime we want to. I am also fond of growing different vegetables in one container and observe whether they are good buddies or like cats and dogs (companion planting at work?No?). Here are some vegetables that I am currently growing in container.

In this 30cmX50cm box> 2 cauliflower, coriander, nasturtium and potatoes.

Note: I am hoping that these cauliflower will produce in 1~2months time before the potato plants grow bigger.  So far all of them are good friends.

container gardening (6)

In this 30cmX50cm box> Broccoli (head starts to grow), lettuces, leeks (growing slowly), seed potatoes (not sprouted yet recently planted).

Same strategy as above broccoli and lettuces in the near future will be harvested and leaving the will be sprouted potatoes to grow.

container gardening (4)

Polystyrene box> Broccoli, potatoes and spinach seedlings

Note: The broccoli look unhappy because not having much sunlight. Now happy in its new place.

container gardening (11) Polystyrene box> Broccoli and Leek

Note: Planting broccoli/ cauliflower together makes leek growth slow from observation. Or could it be the broccoli leaves block sunlight for leek?My purpose at putting them together at first was to reduce pest like caterpillars using the leek to mask the brassica smell.

container gardening (17) Polystyrene box> Broccoli, Carrots, Spring onions and Leeks.

container gardening (7) Polystyrene box> Broccoli , Garlic and Stock

Top View: Broccoli leaves are blocking sunlight through to garlic. Stock starts to flower this week.

Side View: I am here- Garlic.

container gardening (9) container gardening (10)

Polystyrene box> Carrot and Leek

container gardening (12)

Plastic container> 2 cauliflower, Coriander (about to flower), Spring Onions, Leeks, Viola

container gardening (1) We harvest cauliflower, broccoli shoots, chinese celery, carrots and snow peas today. This nice vegetables were the ingredient for nice hot Tom Yum  for dinner.

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Malar said...

Wow! Good harvest! Hope you had nice dinner with your harvest!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Thanks. Looks like its broccoli and cauliflower month for us now.

kitchen flavours said...

I love your broccoli and leeks! They must have tasted fantastic1

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Take a long time to grow big leeks though. I am trying to be patient not to harvest those leek until they are at least 3cm in diametre.